When did you first become interested in fashion?

My love for fashion started when I was still very young and as the years passed by it just kept growing. My first fashion icon was my mum, who I used to follow around and use her clothes, fashion magazines, and makeup in hopes of becoming just like her someday.

Who is your fashion idol?

Since a very young age, I always idolized Audrey Hepburn. Her classic look and iconic style that brought the Little Black Dress into our lives truly made an impact on me since I was a kid.

Which are your favorite colors in clothes and why?

I personally enjoy dressing myself up in earthy colors. I believe they compliment my skin tone the best and make me feel calmer and close to nature. From time to time though, I enjoy changing it up with a bright colored jacket or accessory!

Which are your favorite brands?

I’m going to be a complete liar if I tell you I’m not a sucker for anything from Gucci, Michael Kors, and Burberry. I probably own more things from them than you can imagine and I’m always on the lookout for sales and promos!

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers or YouTubers?

I absolutely love Blair Fowler, Evelina, Tati, Zoella…I can truly go on and on about all the amazing bloggers I follow! Each and every one of them has a unique and amazing style and I spend hours of my everyday life watching their videos, getting tips and ideas on looks and overall getting inspired to produce content for my own blog as well!

How often will you update this post?

I have to be honest and say that since I’m a college student I really don’t have the privilege of updating this blog on the daily. I will try to stick to a schedule of updating it once a week and I’ll do my best to create content that is not only fun to read but also informative.