Hi, I’m Lindy! I am a college student of Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. As a true fashion lover and someone who can simply not help but spend most of her hours online, I decided to create this blog in hopes of meeting more fashionistas from all over the world and inspiring people with my personal style and fashion ideas. 

I honestly am one of those people who just follow beauty and fashion bloggers on YouTube. Even though I am a student and I am on a budget, I love to find new ways to combine outfits and to mix and match clothes in order to express my own personal style through what I have.

I always seek a good sale and I am a lover of brands. I became obsessed with fashion at a very young age. My mum, a fashion lover herself, not only dressed me up in the cutest baby outfits but she also was always there to offer me advice on every occasion, from school dates to my graduation outfit.

One of my biggest dreams is to one day start up my own fashion and accessory company. My love for fashion has helped me turn my creativity and my graphic design knowledge into clothing items. While I’m nowhere near experience and my ideas are still on paper, I hope that someday I will be experienced enough to make my dream come true.

In the meantime, I want to keep updating this website as much as I can. I love writing articles about fashion and it truly makes me happy when I can talk to people who read my posts about all sorts of topics.

Much like my mum, I was always the one friend everyone wanted to take shopping with them as everyone appreciated my sense of style. This is another reason why I love getting back to your questions and helping you guys out with any problem you might have. So, don’t be shy to leave me suggestions on what you’d like me to write about.

Thanks for reading my posts!